Roebling Sporting Club 2/26


It was truly a great final night for Ben before he moves back to Austin at Brooklyn’s hottest new bar!  We had a great game with teams coming close, and gave away some great secret surprises.  It was a mix of familiar faces and new friends, 7 teams in total, and everyone showed some impressive trivia sleuthing skills.  Four lucky contestants went home with some very special prizes – vinyl records by ELP, Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie and the boss himself Bruce Springstein, and one team, The Morgan Freeman Experience, won the coveted title of trivia kings and a $25 bar tab.  We couldn’t have been happier with Roebling Sporting Club over the past few months, and want to thank all of the staff. We know that John and James will do a great job hosting the weekly trivia going forward.  We love you New York!


Wednesday Night Trivia 2/19 @ Roebling Sporting Club

It was another hot week at Roebling Sporting Club this chilly Wednesday.  We were back for our second Wednesday night trivia at our new time, 8p, and boy are we excited about it.   We had some trivia pros and some trivia newbies and everyone seemed to have a great time.  We drank, we laughed, we dropped our jaws in horror that Now That’s What I Call Music has released 49 volumes.  New trivia host John was back and it looks like he’s ready to take the reins when we leave after next week.   We’d also like to give a big shout out to bartender Stuart, who was married this past weekend.  Next time you see him wish him congratulations!

Due to a technical error we don’t have pictures from this week, but we’ve got scores.  Although there was a clear winner this week compared to last week’s nail biter, everyone did a great job and we can’t wait to see them next week.

Scores (with number of players)

Discovery Chanel (6) -44

Drone’s Club (5) -29

B-Roni (1) -20

Team Lean-In (1) -18

The The Beatles (4) -18

Single Guy at the Bar By Himself (1) -17

Gio Joe -(4) – 14

Depressed In February (2) -3

Roebling Sporting Club Trivia Night, Wed. 2-12


Hey y’all! Trivia has started once again at the Roebling Sporting Club in Brooklyn, and this past Wednesday was a roaring night of fun had by all.

Sweater Weather took home 1st place in a tightly-contested match-up that finished with only one point separating the top three teams.  This week proved that Brooklyn is full of smarties and that Wednesday nights at Roebling are the place to be.  We also welcomed John as a new trivia host, and it looks like he’s going to fit right in.

Chili Con Grackle


Sure was a cold one last Grackle quiz, but I thank you all for coming out and enjoying the fun. I’m amazed by how many of you chose to sit outside given the temperature, but I applaud your determination (and dedication to smoking). Not many teams, but still some fierce competition. Check out the photos after the jump.

Warming Up at Shangrila


Great night, chilly as it may have been, but I had a blast hanging with you all once again for another amazing Shang quiz night. Check out the photos of all your purdy faces after the jump:

12/3 Tuesday Trivia at Roebling Sporting Club


Well it was another night of fun & frivolity at the Roebling Sporting Club this past Tuesday, our fourth weekly night of trivia in Williamsburg! The competition was stiff and so were the drinks, as three happy teams came away with prizes once again, and bonus beers were hotly contested. Teams Bababooey and 2 Outta 3 Ain’t Bad fought tooth and nail through the first four rounds, but Bababooey sealed first place by doubling on a perfect score in The Umpire Strikes Back (a baseball and Sci-Fi themed Round 5), and held strong with a superior showing in General Knowledge. 2 Outta 3 Ain’t Bad performed consistently throughout, securing the highest score in the audio round Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Wildcat Fury snagged 3rd place by doubling in General Knowledge.  A great showing by all, and good times as always!

Party Tuesday at Roebling Sporting Club


Another great week at the Roebling Sporting Club on Tuesday.  As always, friendly bartender Mike kept the drinks coming and we had yet another super close game, with the top 3 teams all coming within 3 points of each other.  Teams Lisa Bonerparade and Bone Thugs E-Harmony led the game early, but 1st timers Simple Machines ran away with the game during the general knowledge round.  Latecomers Lofty Goals came in for round 3 and beyond and blew us away with their trivia knowledge.  Definitely a team to watch out for in the future.  All around it was a fun and exciting night.

An exciting week 2 at Roebling Sporting Club


It was another exciting week for Who Wants A Dollar Trivia at Roebling Sporting Club.  After 6 fun and challenging rounds, we came out with a tie for first place between 2 one player teams.  It was an epic battle for trivia master title and team My Anatomy came out ahead in the nail biting final question.  The whole game was neck and neck between all the teams and everyone put out great effort.  Our wonderful bartender, Mike, was there again to make sure the cold drinks kept coming.  We’re excited for next Tuesday when the competition is sure to be fierce and more fun is sure to be had.


Grackle Party 11/14


Hope you all had a lovely evening last Thursday. I know I did. Plenty of good times and a decent turnout made it a Thursday worth reliving. Luckily I have photos, so we can do that. Check out all your purdy faces below:

Shang 11/11


Sup dudes! Hope you had a good time at last Mondays quiz. I was happy to finally be back hosting at Shang after my long hiatus. I just hope your experience was as good as mine. Check out all your beautiful faces after the jump.